Daniel Dexter aka Dex – Topper Harley – X Van Haag


Die Mission der Acidkids: den Planeten von HipHouse und Krautrock befreien. Magisch geht es dabei zu. Alle drei „Kids“ teilen den selben Musikgeschmack aus Tropical House, satten Grooves, Techno, Hooligan Disco und Honolulu Loops. Regelmäßig ruft man aus Metropolen wie New York Barcelona, Mailand, Helsinki, Paris, Berlin oder auch Istanbul nach ihnen, um sich retten zu lassen. Nach jeder erfolgreichen Mission kehren sie jedoch zu ihrem geheimen Hauptquartier zurück, um neue Pläne zu schmieden: für Acidkids Records um genau zu sein.


When lazor shooting Pteranodons announce the end of a party night or the planet’s taste
in House has to be defended against Critters from outer space. Who are you going to

The Ghostbusters, Agents Skully and Fox Mulder? No, they are only being responsible
for ghosts and paranormal activity of every kind and so there’s only one choice:
The Fantastic Three also known as The Acidkids – yes, three party machines.

Their mission to save this planet from Hip House and Krautrock. Starting with a few magic
potion and insight they are sharing the same taste of music with a little piece of Tropical
House, Swinging Grooves, Jackin Techno, Hooligan Disco and Honolulu Loops.

They have been called to safe several metropoles with their superpowers such as New
York, Barcelona, Milano, Helsinki, Paris, Berlin or Istanbul only to name a few. After
every successful mission they return to their secret headquarter from where they operate
Acidkids Records.

In an unknown laboratory between nowhere and Berlin they invent new weapons and
music for their ongoing quest. Supports come from friends like Mixhell, Motor, Felix
Cartal, Zongamin and Zombie Disco Squad who delivered incredible remixes for Acidkids
Records. With their latest remixes for Dim Mak and Kitsuné the three superheroes finally
entered the league of the extraordinary fashion and house society.

So it’s no wonder that little children want to be like them and citizens can leave doors
open when they are in town. Masterbrain Daniel Dexter together with womanizer Topper
Harley and the heavy smoking X van Haag take care that no dancing party crowd on
planet earth will ever fear again.

God bless The Fantastic Three!